Our team

Alfredas Skinulis


Virginija Žygienė

Public relations expert

Viktorija Račkauskaitė


Nino Inasaridze

Environmental Improvement Specialist

Environmental protection institute (AAI) is independent, not political and no profit seeking organization.

Our aim:
AAI aim is to communicate with society, bussiness and  public authority. To analyze, evaluate and prepare conclusions in environmental protection fields. To provide all needed information for society.

AAI is organizing all kind of research in various environmental protection fields, evaluate related law articles and their benefits for society and business, suggest various offer's to state institutions, spread ideas which are friendly to environment, organizing conference's, seminar's, lecture's. Society enlightenment is one of the most important AAI activities. Our main aim is to use all our hard work in behalf of Lithuania country.

Main AAI activities:
1. Waste sector management, waste law evaluation and information spreading to society.
2. Air environmental security and air environmental law analyzes, evaluation and information spreading to society.
3. Water protection and sewage handling law analyzes, evaluation and information spreading to society.
4. Public administration ( carrying out farm field maintenance, granting permission's, licences, organizing and coordination projects etc.) analyzes, evaluation and information spreading to society.
5. Identification of illegal act's in environmental protection field and conclusion proposal to responsible institution's.
6. Promotion of a free and competitive business environment meeting public and business expectation.
7. Promotion of environmentally friendly transport (electric cars, motorcycles, etc.), assessment of development opportunities, provision of proposals.
8. Analysis, assessment, presentation of conclusions and suggestions in the sphere of life-nature protection.
9. Providing public information and education, spreading objective information to the media.